For those who like cleanliness, for those who know how to choose.

Seç delivers the fast-consuming cleaning products you need in every corner of your home and office with world-class production. Seç products, produced with domestic and national capital, have proudly carried our country’s flag to all corners of the world since 1978.


Seç is produced in the latest technology Aykim production facilities in Istanbul and Lüleburgaz. Prioritizing human health and environmental awareness, Seç delivers the highest quality products to its customers at the most reasonable prices.

Our Quality Policy

Seç, which is produced within the body of Aykim, has adopted the documenting, implementation and continuous improvement of its quality management system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards in the light of the following principles.

  • To provide customer and employee satisfaction oriented production concept; with our active and innovative team, following the technological developments and the requirements of the age and complying with the legal obligations, keeping the product quality high, continuously developing, and responding to national and international demands and expectations in the most correct manner is our basic principle.

  • To comply with all environmental legislation and administrative regulations, to use energy and natural resources economically, to give importance to environmental sensitivities in the selection of raw materials and to control the negative effects of these substances, to prevent environmental pollution, to minimize the waste and to ensure the most efficient recycling We are committed to raising awareness and continuously developing these practices through continuous trainings on the environment.

  • By preparing suitable and safe working environments for our employees, supporting them with continuous training and seminars and social activities for their continuous improvement and self-renewal, working with zero accident targets in all our fields, preventing injuries and health deterioration and ensuring the full implementation of occupational health and safety rules are under the guarantee of our company.