For those who like cleanliness, for those who know how to choose.

As a member of the Aykim family, Seç Temizlik Products offers products in many categories from personal hygiene to general cleaning products.

Year 1978 …
S1978 is an important date, when we took our first steps into the sector.

We have come to these days with the Seç family and members by developing SEÇ CLEANING products every day and every year.

Our factory is established on 5000 m2 closed area and we produce with expert engineers, employees and high level technical equipments.

We strive to deliver our products to the whole world through our dealerships and exportation to foreign countries by achieving the standards in marketing and distribution.

Our principle is to ensure that the cleaning products needed by our country market reach the consumers with the highest quality and the most appropriate conditions.

Your interest and trust in us has encouraged us to do better. It is our greatest goal to have this interest and relevance.

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Our Values